Antelope Shoes Offer Luxurious Comfort

Antelope shoes found success by valuing quality and individualism, not to mention answering the cry for comfortable high heels. Antelope’s “strict selection in raw materials” introduced a unique style for women’s shoes. Today, women commonly have to choose between sandals with thin soles and no heels, or high heels with… Read more »

A Stunning Fashion Kids Instagram Account

Clothing stores and fashion icons build a loyal following on social media platforms like Instagram. However the latest star isn’t a store or brand a celebrity account, but a little girl and her dad. The Instagram account thedaddyfashionstylist features five-year-old Harlow dressed by Dad, Pete. Her versatile wardrobe, with casual and… Read more »

SmartRING Tops: Fashionable Wearable-Tech Options

Wearable tech can look dorky, but this smartring is as functional as it is fashionable. Ringly’s color-coded lighting and vibrating functions allows wearers to receive phone notifications 20-30 feet from their phone. So now, women can stay connected to their phone without disturbing meetings, seeming rude at dinner or rummaging… Read more »

The Best Designer Tech Accessories

From phone cases to Fitbit covers, see how you can protect your gadget and your fashion reputation. Designers have taken the opportunity to broaden their brand to dress up your tech devices. See how you can express yourself with how you present your most valued technologies. Whether bold prints or… Read more »

Best Fashion Apps for Organization, Inspiration and Shopping Addiction

Organization Next time you get dressed up (or dressed up with no where to go) save your outfit in the Cloth app. You can then categorize your outfit by look (everyday, evening, event, etc.) and weather (hot, chilly, snowy, etc.) . This way you can revisit past looks when deciding… Read more »

Independent Fashion Designers on Etsy

When buying from an independent designer, you’re not only supporting the art that goes into their work but also showcasing a one-of-a-kind wardrobe. Etsy, a marketplace for entrepreneurs who either create or curate unique goods, makes for  a wonderful platform to find independent fashion designers. However, we picked out a… Read more »

Are Corsets Making a Comeback?

Corsets reappearing in women’s fashion? Probably not exactly what you want to hear. However, this data-driven corset is intended for artistic, not practical, purposes. Designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira created “x.pose” to lose opacity when the model is using data. The 3D-printed corset is reflecting on society’s relationship with technology,… Read more »

The Makeup Machine from Your Dreams

 If you can’t find the perfect makeup shade then create it instantly with Mink. Expected to be ready by next summer, Mink uses 3D printing technology to print eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss, blush and nail polish- with foundation and face powder in the works.  As inventor Grace Choi… Read more »