Our 3 Favorite Companies for Cool, Quality Leather Goods

A leather purse with a wide strap and shiny silver hardware, a delicately embossed wallet, a sophisticated, masculine briefcase…leather goods are timeless staples, and when you buy from quality brands, can last a lifetime. We love bags that are completely versatile, that add dimension to any outfit, in any place.… Read more »

2015 Fashion Faux Pas, As Told by Ebay

Ebay polled 1,000 people about the worst 2015 fashion faux pas, and the results are not going to bode well with with animal print lovers. Nearly 25% categorized too much animal print as the #1 worst faux pas. Track suits and denim on denim are two super trendy styles right… Read more »

Stop Over-Packing! Packing Essentials 101

Are you the girl who’s dragging an over-sized suitcase, carry-on, backpack, AND purse through the airport for that 3 day trip? Over-packing can make traveling stressful — all that extra weight and worry is totally unnecessary. We’ve highlighted the packing essentials for your weekend getaway so you can downsize your… Read more »

Best Online Shops for Men’s Fashion

According to Land Securities report on Fashion Retail, in 2014 “nearly half of consumers now [shop] online for clothes…Online fashion sales grew 185% between 2007 and 2012 and are predicted to rise 41% by 2017.” Websites have become an important platform for finding the perfect shoes, go-to shirts, and favorite… Read more »