Female celebrities embrace the nip show to empower women


With the release of Free the Nipple in 2014,  female celebrities have shown their solidarity with the film’s mission “to empower women across the world” by exposing their nipples. From Selena Gomez to Rihanna, stars have bared it all in the hopes of improving gender equality.  Ladies, each and every little… Read more »

Lipstick feathering (the horror!) and how to avoid it

lipstick feathering

Lipstick is an easy go-to if you want to immediately feel flirty (with a light pink) or edgy (with a nighttime black) or trendy (with an orange hue). But lipstick feathering can quickly leave you feeling insecure in your lip color. Be confident with lips that look like the “after” picture below! Discover… Read more »

Top 5 High Waisted Black Denim Shorts for this Summer!

black, high-waisted shorts

This summer, grab yourself a pair of high waisted black denim shorts for those long summer nights spent at a concert or amusement park or bonfire on the beach. All of the shorts below received at least four stars, so they will most definitely go quickly. Buy yours today! Discover… Read more »